Cruciform Anglo-Saxon Women's Brooches


Please Note: These brooches are sold as pairs only.

These brooches were used in the same way Norse women wore the oval brooches, to support the peplos-style overdress. The cross form was part of the design vocabulary of the Germanic tribes, including the Angles and Saxons. The original of this brooch was made of tinned bronze, and found at Compton, Hampshire, UK, in 1976. It dates to around the 6th century AD.

Our reproduction is hand-stamped, like the original. It can be made in brass, bronze, or german silver (a nickel alloy). It measures 1 ½ inches / 39mm in diameter, and fastens with a sturdy stainless steel pin. We offer these brooches in a choice of three metals: brass, bronze, or german silver (a nickel alloy).

PRICING: A pair of brooches in your choice of metal - $35.00

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