Ring-and-Dot Anglo-Saxon Women's Brooches


Please note: These brooches are sold as pairs only.

This originals of these brooches were found in the grave of a 14 to 15 year-old girl at Butler's Field, Gloucestershire. They date from somewhere between late 5th to early 7th centuries AD.

These brooches were used in the same way Norse women wore the oval brooches. Anglo-Saxon women’s brooches could range in size from a thumb nail for the teeny-tiny “button” brooches to these hand-stamped brooches.

Our reproductions measure approximately 1 1/2 inches / 3.75 centimeters in diameter, and are fastened with a sturdy stainless steel pin. They are completely stamped by hand. We offer these brooches in a choice of 3 metals: brass, bronze, and german silver (a nickel alloy).

PRICING: Pair of brooches in your choice of metal - $35.00

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