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Oppland Viking Women's Oval Brooches


This is a pair of late 8th to late 9th century CE oval brooches worn by Norse women. They are a Petersen type 51 style. The original grave find was from Oppland, Norway. The brooches were used to fasten the straps of the so-called "hangerok" or "tube" overdress. The design on this piece features gripping animal motifs. The ornament on these brooches was one of the most common and widespread styles in the Middle to Late Viking Period. The lip surrounding the base of the brooches is hand-stamped in a traditional Norse design.

The brooches measure approximately 4 ½ inches long and 3 inches wide. These are hand-worked items, and measurements can vary by small amounts. The default fastener is a very sturdy stainless steel pin that is soldered to the back.

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