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Tromsø Viking Women's Oval Brooches (aka the Bug Brooches)


Our Bornholm brooches are taken from a late 7th-early 8th century CE oval brooch of the sort worn by Norse women to fasten the straps of the so-called “hangerok” or “tube” overdress. The original brooch is said to be from a grave at Tromsø, Norway, possibly more closely located on the islet of Tussøya and is now held in the British Museum in London, England. The original was made of copper-alloy with an incised design of a crouching animal seen from above, its head at one end and its legs entwining across its back, giving it a beetle-like appearance.

Made of brass, our brooches are 3 1/4 inches (8.25 cm) in long and 2

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